Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New MDC Regulations on Landowner Tags....because of CWD

Dead Buck with CWD

Buck Sick with CWD

      Last year during the deer season, an upper level employee of the Missouri Department of Conservation confided in me that it had already been decided that landowner permits were a big problem for the Department’s need for more funds. 
      He wrote, “It has already been decided that the thousands of 20-acre landowner’s could bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars if they had to purchase deer tags.”  He told me exactly what would happen, stating that anyone with 20 acres or less would not be allowed to hunt deer without paying. 
      This fall deer season, you will see that come to fruition, in order to create more money from deer tag sales.  The new rule will be that you must own 21 acres or more, to get free landowner tags.  Much of this stems from the fact that in time, more and more deer hunters will begin to learn all there is to know about the disease called Chronic Wasting, and no longer buy deer tags.  Soon, all the prion-related diseases, which have been called Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy when it has killed humans, will start to be recognized as the same disease.  That is a stone cold fact, and while you can talk about this strain or that strain, the truth is that a mutated protein called a prion is the basis of all those diseases regardless of the name given.
      There has been a great effort to keep that from becoming known to hunters.  The assertion that CWD has not killed humans is not true, but it has been accepted that people cannot get it by eating diseased deer meat. If you believe that, find me one scientist or MDC employee who will eat the meat from a CWD infected deer?  Makes you think doesn’t it? When all the research is known, there will be many, like me, who do not hunt deer again. 
      It is a fact that during the deer season, all the citations written for deer-hunting violations are by and large given to those hunters who have called in deer kills through the MDC ‘telecheck’ system.  If you haven’t read the letter sent to me by a retired enforcement official which outlines all that, you should read it on my website now.  Find it on the computer at larrydablemontoutdoors.blogspot.com. 
      Now that landowners who own small tracts can no longer get free permits to hunt deer, there will be a backlash the MDC has not counted on.  Many who own 15 to 20 acres will simply kill a deer when they want, with no tags whatsoever, clean it where it falls, keep the loins and hams and tell no one.  Since it will not be called in, it will never be known to agents who by and large, work from that phone check system and seldom walk back into privately owned woods unless their vehicle can take them there. 
I own a 20-acre tract and if I wanted to eat venison, I would do the same thing.  And in doing it, there would be no evidence of it that anyone would see unless they looked in my freezer.  That is hypothetical of course, because I have never willingly violated game laws anywhere and do not intend to.  Because of the studies and research I have looked into gives me knowledge of this TSE disease, I will never hunt deer again.        Why should anyone miss time in the outdoors because they no longer hunt deer?  During that time there is great hunting for prairie grouse, pheasant and waterfowl in neighboring states, great waterfowl hunting in Missouri and excellent fishing during November as well.  I enjoy all of it so much more than hunting deer.
      In controlling the media to the extent they do, the MDC has kept the truth about CWD from being known, but they cannot do that forever.  I have talked to at least six landowners recently who have found terribly emaciated deer on their land, and each has called MDC personnel to report it.  Each of the six say know one ever came to investigate the sick deer!  I have photographs of two of those deer, which you can see on that computer site given above.
       I don’t know what a mess we will face in the future when all the facts come out and deer-hunters begin to know the truth about this disease, but I know what the truth is and you can’t hide it forever.  I say again that when you hear someone saying that CWD is of no danger to humans, you are hearing it from someone who will not, for any amount of money, eat venison from a CWD deer. 
      Many of the newspapers I write for will not publish this column because of the clamp down the Department of Conservation has on opinions they do not want heard. The power of that agency is tremendous. The real shame of all this is that printed facts from research done by the best scientific people and doctors in the Midwest concerning TSE or CWD or whatever you want to call it, also is restricted in most all news media outlets throughout the Midwest.
      This much is certain… hundreds and perhaps thousands of people have died from prions in the brain, a disease called TSE.  I have not talked to one doctor out of a dozen or so that have not told me that the disease, whether you call it CWD or TSE or mad-cow disease or whatever, has likely killed many people who were misdiagnosed.  You will likely never see this in print, but when brain tissue of 230 elderly men who were said to have died of Alzheimer’s disease was examined after death, those TSE prions were found in 30 of them.  Why can’t this be printed?
      Anyway, this year if you own 20 acres or less-- no more landowner permits for you.  In a few years it will be extended to 40 acres or less.
If you find sick deer on your land, please call the MDC and report it, and let me know if no one comes.  Write to me at Box 22, Bolivar, Mo. 65613 or email me at lightninridge47@gmail.com
If you would like to get a copy of my magazine, or tell me of sick deer you have found, call my office phone, 417 777 5227

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