Thursday, July 19, 2018

What's happening to our turkey populations?

NOT LONG ago i wrote about a decline in wild turkey numbers that worries me and i said i think we need to reduce bag limits and seasons, and perhaps eliminate the special youth turkey season. If i were raising a son, or grandson, he wouldn't be going on MDC special youth hunts two weekends a year, he'd be huntng squirrels with me, setting trotlines, exploring caves, fishing in ponds and rivers, etc weekend after weekend. So don't tell me that ending the spring youth season would hurt father-son relations...

this photo sent to me by my old college roommate, Woody P. Snow shows why i think the turkey problem in continuing... two hens and four poults!!  there should be a dozen or more poults with the hens at this point in the summer. Worrisome--   if you actually know what is happening??         

thanks Jay, wonderful shot!

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