Monday, June 18, 2018

Unbelievable!! MDC At It Again!! AND A Sac River Surprise!

  a doe and tiny newborn fawn are seen along a steep bank next to the water... the doe climbs up the bank, the little fawn can't make it. we motor to the bank to make it flee the right direction where the doe is waiting,

but it sees us and comes racing up to the boat, wanting us to help... even jumps in the water and swims around the boat wanting to get in, crying like a little baby .
 christy gets out, picks it up while it is crying pitifully and carries it to a less steep spot, boosts it up to the waiting doe. 


      You get to thinking you have seen everything in the outdoors when you get to my age, but this past week my daughter Christy and I were on the river when we saw something way out of the realm of reality.  There was a doe and a newborn fawn along the shore, beneath a high bank and the doe bounded up over the top of it, leaving the tiny fawn desperately trying to follow.  He wore himself out, falling back to the shore again and again, with his tongue hanging out, crying pitifully.

      I figured if I paddled over to that bank he would run downstream and find a better place to join his mother, who was watching us from above.  When I reached the bank, instead of fleeing he came running up to me, looking me right in the eye, only a couple of feet away, as if begging for help.  Christy got out and he ran right up to her, crying much like a little child. She picked up the little guy and took him downstream aways, boosting him up a slighter bank to where his mother waited.  The photos I took tell the whole story, and you can see them on the website I have, larrydablemontoutdoors, or on facebook.   We didn’t catch many fish, but it was a day neither of us will ever forget.     

Thousands of dead and dying crappie, catfish, sunfish, perch, bass...all kinds of fish
Mike Matzke, who lives near the Schell-Osage Wildlife Area, called to tell me that here in the heat of the summer the Missouri Department of Conservation has decided to drain a five hundred acre lake on the publicly-owned property.  He says it was drawn down in a manner to keep all the fish from going into the Osage River.  Why?  Does the Osage, full of everything that swims, needs to be protected from what is in a lake right beside it?  What have they got in there, crocodiles?

      What gives you a good picture of what the MDC has become, is Mr. Matzke’s assertion that game wardens are giving tickets to anyone taking more than a limit of crappie, bass and catfish found dying along the shore!  And of course you have to have a fishing license to take anything out of that putrid water you might want to eat. So thousands of fish therefore are being wasted, and the stench is horrible. But hey, it is at least giving game wardens some work, and making a little money for the MDC out of this mess.

      Matzke points out that the lake has been a good fishing lake for lots of folks over the years. He says there is a news organization called Fox-4 Television, possibly out of Kansas City, there today photographing the mess and talking with MDC people.  When it is all over, the news media will likely show you how this is a good thing and we should be proud of the MDC for providing a valuable conservation service to us all.  After all, they are trained professionals.

      The meetings I had with MDC Director Sara Pauley in April were a dismal waste of time, as most figured it would be.  Mrs. Pauley said some things that had me hopeful, agreeing to meet with some people on a personal basis in her office.  She instead turned it over to their lawyer and that ended it all.  I found she knew almost nothing about what has been going on with her agency, and would not back up anything she had told me.  The MDC lawyer, Jennifer Frazier, will always do her best to cover up what is happening.  I had to laugh when she emailed me telling me she was going to do an ‘investigation’ involving a couple of matters.  If the public could just find out the truth… but they won’t, with Ms Frazier on the job.  See my summer and fall Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Magazines if you want to read the truth about what is going on with that corrupt agency. 

My address is Box 22, Bolivar, Mo 65613 or email  To see the fawn photos, and the photo of that putrid scene at Schell Osage, look on my website,


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