Saturday, April 28, 2018


Mdc director sara pauley has recently assured me that we will be getting together soon trying to actually tackle some conservation problems, but this week she will be turkey hunting. I want to get Jeremy Hanshaw into her office soon. he is the one that two agents victimized, stealing eight of his deer heads.
Mrs Pauley wants me to bring her 'EVIDENCE OF HIS INNOCENCE'. i am anxious to do just that. In the meantime i spent yesterday exploring the woods on truman lake and it was a wonderful peaceful day. never saw a soul nor heard a thing that wasn't natural. on much of that corps land, the wooded hills are filled with giant trees of all species. They won't be there long because MDC 'manages' much of it for the corps. That management will allow them to turn loose private logging companies to butcher it someday. I wonder if we all gave them enough money if they might let them stand. because everyone knows they function to make more money. our license fees and that 1/8 cent tax we give them isn't nearly enough. they just can't operate on 200 million a year!

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