Sunday, August 6, 2017

Open Invitation to A Canadian Fishing Trip Adventure with Me

Tinker Helseth
To anyone who wants to fish with me on the wilderness lake... Loonhaunt… plane leaves Nestor Falls Ontario on morning of August 12. The cost is $500 per person, and that includes the flight cost, lodge, boat, motor and fuel. I will come back on august 17, but others may stay until 19th. This is one heck of a bargain. Lodge is a big one, has big kitchen, lots of beds... lights are solar powered. Call me at 417-777-5227 if you want to go. I can take one to four fishermen. I know the lake well, know where the fish are and how to fish it in August. In addition, fishermen will get to meet a real Canadian legend… Tinker Helseth.

Google Tinker’s Place, Ontario Canada to learn more about Tinker, his lodge and cabins and to hear what others have to say about a Canadian Adventure.

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