Tuesday, October 27, 2015


My weekly column and photos are below, but first I want to urge everyone to come to our get together on Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5, November 8th.  (See the end of my column below.)  I said I would list some of the things we would be selling to finance our Fatherless Boys Retreat.  We will have a Farmall Cub tractor made in 1948 that is in excellent condition, and a couple of big chest freezers, a large display cabinet, (glass and walnut), several pieces of furniture including an Ethan Allen china cabinet, boxes of canning jars, boxes of dishes—all kinds and colors, an old cabinet television that works great, lots of tools, camping gear and a big lot of fishing lures and lots of art, some wildlife paintings signed and numbered, old books and lots of other stuff too numerous to mention. All proceeds will be used to pay the insurance and electricity for the first year of this endeavor.  I hope you can make it, and if any of you would like to help on our work day of Nov. 6, Friday, we would love to have you.  Ladies who want to help can bring a cake, cookies or a pie.  You may call me at 417-894-5622.  Remember, this will be a wonderful place for lots of underprivileged children, and we hope to change lives there.   THE ADDRESS IS:  7140 SE 1200 RD, COLLINS, MO     Below is a simple map.

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