Monday, March 23, 2015

New Book Available Now....The Prince of Point Lookout

My new book, which can be ordered directly by mail for $12.95 postpaid from 
Lightnin' Ridge, 
Box 22, Bolivar, MO 65613

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Ozarker said...

Larry got his expertise in fishing by guiding on the Big Piney River and his education and his ability to present the truth in its best light, in his dad's pool hall, continued both at The ZSchool of the Ozarks. He probably spent more time over the bluff of Pt. Lookout than above it in the classrooms.
You don't have to know Mervin Wallace. B.J. King, Darrell Hamby, Cecil Hampton, Julia Clark, Terry Spyres, or other students to enjoy the comments, pranks, and reminiscings that he weaves in this "school days" story of a nurturing environment on a developing, "financially poor but character rich" Ozarker. Larry has stories from top to bottom. Working for College President M.Graham Clark, he met about everybody in every work station and position on campus: Grounds Keeper and fellow fisherman Dave Barker, Dean Wm. Todd, Chaplain Stuart Schimpf and daughters, artist and museum curator Steve Miller, botanist Alice Nightingale, woodcarver Peter Engler, and a host of others "from the day" on campus and community.
The book is memoir and an observation on growth, development, and religion: faith and fate; it is history seen through slightly rosey time; and it is regional color, told like tales from the pool hall loafers bench, with colorful metapors, interesting unconnected amblings, and wry asides.